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Default Another new prime (M42-Related)

PrimeNet is reporting a new prime.

Can George or Scott answer if it is large than M41 and if it is >10M digits?

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According to George's e-mail to the mailing list it is smaller then 10 mln digits but the largest prime know so far
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Jeff Gilchrist
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Darn, I guess my flashy new poster is out of date now....
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Aug 2002

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Here's some candidates that fit the bill:

24095699 68 0x818D9BA5086BCC__ 18-Feb-05 08:18 AG point100
24168167 68 0xBCFF5F603C54D7__ 18-Feb-05 08:13 newcompact C8A4F7D44
25294429 68 0x80FCB1BBBFB42C__ 18-Feb-05 08:38 steve9899 C0A4ED6D4
25964951 68 0x7EC80136C8136C__ 18-Feb-05 08:37 2274 windfang
25970911 68 0xB170364B9EB53B__ 18-Feb-05 08:32 mjrgreen cthulhu
26411519 67 0x37DB847A9DE545__ 18-Feb-05 08:30 wweisz gsr116
27232423 68 0x43B3E909E3AD39__ 18-Feb-05 08:40 bwfield cocmainserve

I haven't looked to see if any of these might be a 'newbie' as George puts it, so they may not all be candidates.
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Congrats to the finder!
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Hi all!

Yes it seems GIMPS did it again. This is an email from George to prime list:
A new Mersenne prime has been reported to the server. I've emailed the user
for his last save file. If I can reproduce the find from that save file
then that will
eliminate any chance of this being a false report.

This report is not from a newbie, so things look good. If proven, this
will be a
new record prime, but it is not ten million digits.

Having fun,

The question is how many time it will take a verification. Jeff? Tony?

Congratulations all!

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P90 years forever!
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One word of caution. The prime was found with version 23.4 or earlier. This was before several changes were added to reduce the chance of a hardware error causing a false report.

I'm still waiting for the results.txt file (and save file if any).
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Jeff Gilchrist
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Jun 2003
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Looks like the fastest machine I have access to right now will take between 12-15 days to verify. Of course anything can change in that time and others might start using up some of the CPU time it so may take longer.

Hopefully Tony will be able to run it as well.
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Congrats to all in advance.

And soon onward toward M43, M44, ...

Good luck and keep searching.
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Originally Posted by roy1942
I haven't looked to see if any of these might be a 'newbie' as George puts it, so they may not all be candidates.
None of them are in hrf3.txt. They all seem to be "true" first-time tests, although all but the last be recycled. So it will be hard to spot the prime...
I have been browsing through the forums for the old M41 related threads, where some tricks and hints for finding it were shared, but "strange enough" they seem to have vanished... Or did I look in the wrong places?...
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I think it's 25964951 because the residue is very similar:
7EC80125B6DB7E (24036583)
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