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Default P-1 factoring Stage 2

I tried going into the "P-1 factoring Q&A" thread first, but it is closed.

Was doing PRP of M113000000 range. Completed running P-1 stage 1 with B1=749000 and B2=16507000, then ran Stage 1 GCD which completed, followed by error message "Insufficient memory to ever run Stage 2." Program then ran Stage 2 GCD (completing in ~124 sec) and has now started PRP test.

I checked my memory settings (Options/Resource limits/advanced), and both daytime and nighttime were set at 0.3GB (although I'm not sure why, as I have 4GM RAM and am running only Prime95). I've now updated those to 2GB day and 2.5GB night.

Question: is it possible or desirable to go back and restart/finish stage 2 P-1? If so, how?
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Unless you happened to have a recent save file (from an automated backup) it is not worthwhile to run stage 2 as prime95 will have to rerun stage 1 from scratch.

The default of 0.3GB is low so that new users don't install prime95 on a machine and unintentionally slow the machine down due to applications lacking sufficient memory.

BTW, welcome to GIMPS!
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Thanks--have been with GIMPS for some time, but forgot to update the memory settings on "Older" computer. My bad.

Certainly don't want to re-run Stage 1!
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