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Default Help: trying to determine latency on movaps instructions on AthlonXP

Hi there

I have been working a lot with SSE optimizations, and i had the opportunity to notice something i have heard of before: amd's sse implementation suffers from serious bottlenecks.
So i decided to determine the amount of clock cycles spent on a movaps instruction with the following code:

x is a pointer to a vector of 32 bit ints (allocated using _aligned_malloc); start and end are the unsigned int variables i use to store time stamp values.

on visual c++ .net 7 (managed extensions off):
mov ecx, x

mov [start], eax

movaps xmm0, [ecx]

mov [end], eax

right now the difference end-start is reporting to be ~5000 clock cycles. what could be wrong??
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There is often no way to obtain simple answers to question like yours with today's cpus. Just a few things for you to consider:

There is a difference between latency (how long a dependent instruction must wait) vs. throughput (how many can be executed per clock cycle). If your code has sufficient independent code paths, then often the latter measurement is more important.

RDTSC is real nasty to a modern CPU's out-of-order core. Do not use it to measure the timing of a single instruction. Instead use it to measure a loop executed several hundred or thousand times.

Memory and caching is critical. If timing memory reads you will get vastly different results if the data is in the L1 cache, L2 cache, or main memory.

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