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Default Don't miss this amazing trick that the moon is going to do!

Super, blue, eclipsed moon. Wednesday in the a.m. for the Pacific adjacent regions:


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Spherical Cow
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Looked very nice from Arizona- some color, but not as much as I expected, given how low on the horizon it was. Didn't have enough time to set up and take any good pictures; unfortunately, the real world of earning a living keeps intruding on these important parts of life.

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Thanks for the heads-up.

Too bad it looks just like a regular full moon from here (@20:00 Netherlands), albeit slightly brighter/larger.
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This bloody supermoon, if local news is anything to go by it's more important than the second coming of christ.
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Basketry That Evening!
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It was unfortunately almost completely obscured by clouds where I live.
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Originally Posted by M344587487 View Post
This bloody supermoon, if local news is anything to go by it's more important than the second coming of christ.
Same here. The BBC is now showing an hour-long program about it. I gave up after 15 minutes because it is very clearly astronomy for the rest of them. Almost content free, in other words.
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Nice view from here too. It didn't get "total", however, it was like 90% or so, at its max. You could clearly see the shadowed part with normal binoculars.
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