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Originally Posted by petrw1 View Post
In the past several months Ryan Propper found a first factor for about a dozen exponents under 9999.

Further I hope to be proven wrong soon, but I tend to believe that since Ryan hasn't reported any Factors recently he has done all the ECM for these small exponents that he sees value in.
He is still reporting factors that aren't first factors. Quite a few of them in fact. For instance, for M2351 just yesterday.

He might still be looking for first factors, but they are obviously getting harder to find.
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Originally Posted by petrw1 View Post
...Since they were not reported these curves must be redone in order to be recorded.
If he did his ECM in a way that he can indicate the number of curves done at each level it could save the rest of us a lot of ECM work that has no chance of finding a factor.
Why must they be redone? Just increase the bounds by 5 digits, or 10, and rest assured that if he didn't do that many that you'll still find all the factors that smaller bounds would have found.

I mean, I agree it would be nice if he revealed a rough estimation of how much ECM he's doing, but if he doesn't we can take some guesses and continue ECM accordingly.
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