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Oct 2002

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Default Manually adding primes

Hey, I overclocked my computer and somehow I managed to dork it and loose the prime I was working on. It still shows it's assigned on Primenet. Now I have another one but my first is half done. Is there any way I can force it to go back to an old prime at a certain iteration? Or after I'm done with this one, since I'm assigned, will it automatically go back to the other?

I've looked over the FAQs and didn't find anything that looked like it applied.
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Oct 2002

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Can I just add a line to my worktodo.ini with my old prime, #bits, iteration # like this

Test=xxxxxxxx,xx,xxxxxxx <--can I add this line?
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Oct 2002

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Exit the program first, and add the line with the old exponent to the worktodo.ini file like you said. But the last number is not the current iteration but wheter or not P-1 testing has been done. Just set it to 1 and start the client again. It should continue where it stopped.
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Aug 2002
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Also look in your directory for a file named pxxxxxxx where x is a digit or letter. If that file is in your Prime95 directory the program should take up from where it left off. If you don't have a file for the first exponent in the directory it will start from the first iteration.
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Oct 2002

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Cool thanks it worked! No back up file though that's a dud. I ended up adding it as a second line so it will do it later. Let me guess the worktodo is the work your actually working on (then looks for a save file) and not a 'up next' buffer?
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Sep 2002

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yup. It just tells the program which number it's supposed to be doing (hence the "worktodo" lable) :)
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