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Default about assignments

Hello from Savoy,

Excuse me if I don't speak english very well ... I'm french ... nobody's perfect ;-)
I'm new in GIMPS.

I don't understand how I can manage my assignments : my computer has 4 cores, and my first 4 assignments were "type D : double-checking" ; I sent the 4 results after 20 days.

I expected I could do some LL first test job, so I tried "manual testing" : I got a LL-assignment and I thought that it would be the next job in my computer. But the server sent me 4 new D double-checking jobs !

So my questions are :
1) how does manual testing work ?
2) how can I do some LL first test job ?

Thanks for your answers,
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Welcome to GIMPS and the mersenneforums!
You made a little mistake and misunderstood, what the manual assignment page is about:
When you went there and got your LL assignments, you had to copy the assignments you got manually into your work folder of prime95, so your PC knows, that you wanted to do that work on that computer.

If you want to complete those Assignments you can look them up here. From there you have to copy the Assignments over in your worktodo.txt file in your prime95 folder (but first stop and exit the program)

You can also get LL tests instead of DC tests automatic if you change your work preference here or in your client under some options there. It will be synchronized then and your next assignments will be LL tests with the chance of being the biggest known prime number by now!

And: have fun!
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Correct. The server can be configured to automatically give new assignments when your program is almost finished with the current ones (this happens by default) but there is no way to force it to give specific assignments.

If you want specific assignments, you must manually request them, just like you did, and you must also manually add them to your folder. Another way you can do that is copy and paste the assignments into a .txt file and rename it to worktodo.add.

It can be a little bit confusing at first but you'll find your way. Welcome to GIMPS!
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Apr 2015

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Thank you very much for your answer. I have copied my manual LL assignment in my worktodo.txt file, and it works ! So I am doing now what I wanted to do : trying to find a new Mersenne prime. Exciting !
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