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Default AMD vs Intel

I'm running p95v279 on two types of nodes, a dual 6 core opteron and a 4 core Xeon. The Xeons are wiping the floor with the Opterons even though the Opteron has 3 times as many cores and 96 Gigs of RAM compared to 16 for the Xeons. I'm guessing the pre-compiles binaries strongly favor Intel.

Has anyone tried compiling from source for AMD and seen better performance?
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For Prime95 LL tests, Intel silicon really is that much better than AMD.

Rough performance comparison based on my observations:
4 bulldozer cores (Opteron 4280) @ 2.8 GHz =
2 K10 cores (Opteron 6128) @ 2.0 GHz <
1 i5-2500 core @ 3.4 GHz.

Intel's implementation of SIMD (AVX) along with better cache performance (and I believe better memory controllers) really kills AMD for Prime95.
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Recompiling with different compiler options won't help: all the speed critical parts are written directly in assembly anyways, and despite George Woltman's best efforts, the AMD parts just aren't that fast.

Memory size doesn't play a role in speed (around 7-8MB required per test), and memory speed only plays a role insofar as nothing is bottlenecked.
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See here for details on how AMD screwed the pooch when it comes to SIMD (SSE2 badly, AVX catastrophically).

There may be some gains to be realized from use of fused mul/add (in SSE2 mode only, though - AMD AVX is literally worse than useless here) on the more recent chips, but from the perspective of someone like George who needs to choose his coding time carefully, that's a lot of work just to get a poor chip design to "suck less".

Intel's forthcoming implementation of AVX2 will only make the performance disparity that much greater.
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