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Default k=33

I would like to reserve k=33 from n=750k to n=1M, is that ok? I will generate the sieve file with NewPGen 2.82 and sieve even further with sr1sieve.


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According to, k=33 isn't taken yet, so you should be able to reserve it.

Just post on this thread:
in the future.
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Yes, as Moo said, actually I already marked it as reserved by you on the stats page. BTW, here are FFT lengths for k=33, n>750000:

   fftlen       nmax
     49152     871523
     57344    1013362
     65536    1159700
     81920    1441376
     98304    1718052
You can consider sieving to 1160k, or at least to 1013k. In the latter case better make it 1020k to be a rounded number

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Because I already started to sieve up to n=1M (at 100G, going for 10T) I will let the rest until n=1020k to be done later on.

You can clean or move this thread to the proper one.

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