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Time for a quick PRPNet review....

The PRPNet Client ran rock-solid this time around, no if's but's or unexpected messages or stoppages.

I had it running on 32 bit win XP and 64 bit Win 7 (as a 32 bit process of course)
and also on 32 bit and 64 bit Linux (that said, they were all debian or debian based)

The server also appeared to perform very well raising no issues that I was aware of.

I have observed this on multiple projects recently: NPLB, sr5, PrimeGrid.

I think it is very important to highlight that the PRPNet client and server appear to be gaining the maturity that many have been hoping for.

Please pass on my compliments with some beers to the code-monkey in the dark room at the back and remind him he is not forgotten

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