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Default Can I finish another team members LL test?

One of my team members has chosen to stop running Prime95 ... her friend convinced her it was part of the reason her machine was "acting up" lately. I am working on her to assure her it is NOT ... however, assuming she remains firm I don't want to lost the work she has done ... 92% complete a 36M LL test. Can I complete her work on another machine on my team?

I'd like to believe that it is as simple as copying her "p" and "q" working files to my computer and adding the line from her worktodo.ini to mine.

However, that begs a few questions.
1. How do I convince the Primenet server that I have the assignment now?
2. I wonder if the working files will be compatible with my PC. Does it matter that I have a different clock speed, different amount of RAM, different setting for memory in Prime95, etc?
3. Assuming the above is irrelevant, once I complete my current test and start completing her test will it matter that I already have the "p" and "q" files when this test starts?

What else do I need to know?

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I've moved the p&q files several times and it has always picked them back up. I think it's fine as long as the Prime95 version is the same.

The server did not recognize the exponents as being assigned to a new account, but it did accept the results.

Good Luck.
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Within a PrimeNet / GIMPS team it is no problem shuffling assignments around.

It is indeed just a matter of moving the save files (pXXXXXXX and qXXXXXXX for LL tests, pXXXXXXX for trial factoring and mXXXXXXX.003 for P-1 tests) and the relevant line in worktodo.ini.

There will be no problem when reporting the assignment.

You can even move the prime.spl file around before reporting : your team and the machine that finished the test (and is therefore in the result line and .spl file) will get the credit.

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I had an old PC that wasn't hooked up to the net. I just stopped it, copied it on a USB stick. Stuck it in a PC connected to the net and ran the comms. worked fine. Just grab the folder off her drive and stick on another PC, shouldn't make a difference as far as I know
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