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Default Torture Test Issue


I have something to note. I have a system here at my workplace with issues. I did some work on it, and to see if it was stable, I fired up the torture test before leaving over the 4th of July weekend.

When I came back to work today, I noticed that the screen was scrolling ILLEGAL SUMOUT errors. When I went to check the results.txt, it was a whopping 145 MB

I've noticed that when the torture test hits certain errors, it halts. It doesn't seem to do that with this particular error. Perhaps the torture test should stop after it hits a certain amount of ILLEGAL SUMOUTS.

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P90 years forever!
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Fixed in 23.6
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Reboot It
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Originally Posted by Prime95
Fixed in 23.6
Don't you just love the responsiveness behind Prime 95: 1 hour and 24 minutes between the bug report and the fix being announced! (Yes I know we proabably won't get our hands on 23.6 for a little while yet, but it's still impressive.)

Other DC projects (in my experience) don't get anywhere near this level of support...

Thanks again, George :D
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And I was looking forward to using Prime95 to torture test my hard drive... :D
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(Edit: on second thought, no comment)
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There was a time Distributed.Net managed frequent "under 1 day" responce to bug reports.

I've not seen it elsewhere 'cept at times in the Linux community....

Is NICE in any event though - and a FAR cry from United Devices....
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