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Default ERROR 3: Exponent not assigned to this computer.


I'm new to GIMPS, so perhaps it's just a nooby-question/problem ;)

In the past I've crunched alot of seti@home workunits but since s@h is dieing and the new boinc-stuff anoys me I'm searching for new ways to waste my idle CPU-cycles ;)

For testing I've configured some machines for GIMPS (currently 14 clients) and all except on running on Linux using mprime235 (since mprime239 segfaults quite often on several machines :()

One thing I don't like:"ERROR 3: Exponent not assigned to this computer."
I got this allready 4 times for some TF clients (3 times no factor was found, on time a factor was found...)

The exponent where I've found a factor is still shown in the list of exponents assignend to my account...

any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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Peter Nelson
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Default ERROR 3!

I don't think you're doing ANYTHING wrong here.

What is wrong is primenet!

From time to time the database of assignments goes down.

It has done so twice over the last few days and for example around feb 21st.

When this happends (even on a manually initiated checkin) all clients are told error 3.

However, work completed is accepted from the client (apparently).

Unfortunately the server does not deal with this properly during such problems.

Certainly myself and others (and you) have the problem whereby the assignment remains on your individual report even though your machine completed it, and also you may or may not notice that you were not given CPUtime credit for it.

The only way I know to rectify this is to obtain details of completion from your prime.log file on the relevant clients, and to email this to George asking him to remove the finished assignment from your report (and give credit manually).

MOST of the time things work, but such problems are far too often in my opinion, and the primenet server software is due an update (bug fixes let alone new features).

Do persist with the project, it's worthwhile, but I think only George can rectify your problems. It's nothing you've done to cause it.
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