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Default LMH for Beginners on V5

I'm sorry for posting this but the start information in this forum is a little disjointed and there seems to be no clear change guide when working with the latest client 25.8!

I have a PC at work that I can use while I am on it (running p95 from a flash drive) and was wondering if the ideal worktodo was LMH. it's an AMD 64 x2 4000+ 2Ghz Dual-core

If I wanted to join the LMH team here and was using the latest client from what I have read I would:

0) Set up my client (Prime95) with the following entries in Prime.txt contains the following lines (ref:
- MaxExponents=M (where M is at least the number of workunits you have.)
- DaysOfWork=D (where D should be bigger than the number of days your worktodo.txt will need to complete.)
- UnreserveDays=U (use U= D+30 or bigger otherwise you might unreserve a lot of exponents after startup)

1) Check here: for an available range
2) Post here: with a new thread titled with the range and the depth I am on.
3) An LMH moderator (garo?) adds me to the "checked" out list here:
4) Next I would go here: and put in the range I had chosen (say... 95-96m) and check the box for a simple text report
5) Take that list and convert it to a worktodo format (Factor=exponent,lowlimit,highlimit)
6) Put that into the worktodo on my client (after stopping and exiting of course)
7) Load the client and force a manual communication to reserve the exponents
8) Exit the client again.
9) Remove all the lines that contain NA as assignement ID from the worktodo.txt file.
10) Load the client and force a manual communication

This should leave me ready to run through the work have I got anything wrong on this?
When I have my results to I then report those here using the browse and upload option? Is credit then assigned or not?

Thansk for your answers in advance, if this is correct (or correct once you have advised me of any slip-ups could you copy this into the stickies above as a collated start-up user guide?

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If you are running 25.8 step 10 is not needed, IIRC.
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do you need to report the results to
i would have thought prime95 would report them
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I let Prime95 report them to the V5 server. This supposes that the computer is connected, as does step 7.
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