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Default Foxconn Purus server

In looking at past posts, I think I just bought the same server fivemack did previously. As bought it came with a pair of E5-2650 CPUs and 16x4GB ram, where I've taken out half the ram for now to help with the cooling.

I've only had it a day and got it in a runnable state, and if I had known it was the same server I could have done a few bits quicker.

Noise was the first thing to fix. I had enough old coolers compatible with 2011 so I have one watercooler and one air cooler on the two CPUs at the moment. This is temporary, and I will likely swap with other coolers later on. I should add, I don't care about keeping it to 1U height! The fan headers thankfully don't seem to be linked to protection so you can unplug the old ones and not populate them all with different fans. I wish my other HP servers were like this, as they refuse to boot if there isn't a fan detected.

Network wise I made do with a spare USB Wifi adapter to get going, but with only two external USB ports it was an interesting juggle between that, keyboard and mouse, when I don't have a hub. I do have a USB to ethernet adapter on order along with a hub. The SFP+ stuff I just don't understand...

Right now I'm running it on a sieve challenge over at PrimeGrid, but after that I'll have some fun with working out how some of the scary looking settings affect ram performance.

I don't have a login for the management port, and trying some defaults didn't bring any luck. I think it can be reset over the serial connection so that's my next job...
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That looks very familiar (the way all the ports including power are at the front is diagnostic).

On my machines the management console is admin/admin

What you need to use the fast network port (if you don't want to faff around and spend six hundred pounds on a 10GbE switch and a hundred pounds on fibre and transceivers) is which is £12.50 with free delivery; that turns it into a standard gigabit RJ45 port.

Check the processor speed; there's a BIOS setting, which you have to scroll down the list to see, which locks the processor at 1.8GHz even though it's a 2GHz device.

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I think it is the same (or very similar) server, as I bought it from the same seller, and it looks like the image posted previously.

The management login worked. I had tried searching for it and came up with other variations... I also thought I could do something over the serial link, which wasn't easy to set up and didn't get me any further either.

That network thing sounds better than the USB one I've already ordered... think I'll get it anyway and the USB one might come in handy some day for something else.

I figured out the CPU speed already. I guess it isn't a major point of interest around here, but I was getting Cinebench R15 scores around 1200 at 1.8 GHz, and 1600 after unlocking the CPUs. I haven't had a chance to run anything else due to the challenge at PrimeGrid.

I'm trying to read up on NUMA at the moment, which came disabled but sounds like a good thing to enable assuming multiple unrelated separate tasks per CPU. I also want to see if I can bench the performance difference running 2R per channel vs. 4R per channel. I know going from 1R to 2R helps a fair bit, but I never went past that before.
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