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Default Another not-showing-up-in-stats problem


I've got a machine whose current results are not showing up in the stats. Here's recent info from the command line:

19:54:59 Siever finished...
19:54:59 Submitting results...
19:55:05 Results successfully submitted...
19:55:05 Warning, the guid is the config.txt does not match the value detected
19:55:05 for the local machine. Using the detected value.
19:55:05 Requesting assignment...
19:55:05 Received assignment (MSRC 2_811M_1 6474065-6474450)...
19:55:05 Building .in file...
19:55:05 Updating project .in file with assigned range...
19:55:05 Launching siever...

The current guid from results.txt:

Data from config.txt:
userid jgchilders
username Greg Childers
useremail <censored>
computerid GCHILDERS-2K
guid M04C820524153P0

Greg Childers
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