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I understand that now I need to update my versions of the software on my computers v25
This is not required, but it will allow you to see more details about your computer (instead of seeing "v4_computers") Just beware that prime95 25.7 is still slightly buggy as it is a beta release. if you do upgrade, make sure you backup the old prime95 installation
Also, I assume that I use my new logon and password after I update the software? correct?
Yes, but prime95 25.7 does not ask you for password, it only asks for user name and optional computer id. the password is only used when you log in to check stats.
What about my computer that is running two instances of Prime?
do I update both copies of the software or does v25 'automatically' handle dual core cpus?
backup everything as mentioned above first.
in 25.7, there is no longer a need to run two instances. 25.7 has "workers" - each worker is like an instance.

first, to update the single core computer: in 24.14, uncheck "start at bootup" and exit. download 25.7, unzip into the folder where 24.14 was installed. then just run prime95.exe again and i believe prime95 will take care of the rest.
dual core is slightly trickier. in both instances, uncheck start at bootup and exit both. unzip 25.7 into the folder where 24.14 was installed. now, copy all the lines in work0001.ini and paste them into worktodo.ini. then run prime95.exe. go to test -> worker windows. set "number of worker windows" to 2. click ok, then exit prime95. open worktodo.ini again, and move the lines that were assigned to the second instance of 24.14 to below [Worker #2] Then start prime95.exe again, you should see "Worker #1" working on the assignments assigned to the first instance of 24.14, and "Worker #2" working on the assignments assigned to the second instance

I upgraded a more complicated way than necessary, so instructions may not be 100% accurate. also check out other threads and the site for further detail

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