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Do I still have just "one" account??
yes, there is one account still
I do not understand the instructions "associate one v4_computers virtual CPU on account v5 for each v4 account linked"???
basically, when you link an old v4 account to v5 account (link meaning "tell the server they are from the same person"), the server gives you the credit from the old v4 account, AND adds a computer called "v4_computers" to your cpu's list. this "v4_computers" is ALL of your computers that are still running prime95 version 24.14 combined together. for example, in your case, all of the computer's progress will be combined, as if they were all assigned to one computer, even if this is not true in reality. (which is why they use "one v4_computers virtual CPU).
"TWO fat Cpu credits"?????
On the v4 account, if you completed any assignments, the server gave you credit for those assignments. After linking your v5 account to the v4 account, the v5 server will give you back the credit from the v4 account in two large portions containing all credit accumulated on the v4 account. the two large portions will show up as "v4-LL" and "v4-TF".
I checked my "computers" tab and it just shows one of my two computers
it shows my old computer running one instance of prime

how do I add my new computer to the list that is rinning two instances??
there will only be one computer shown. this is the "v4_computers" mentioned above, which has ALL of your computers that are running prime95 version 24.14. version 24.14 does not support the new server, so there has been something set up that allows version 24.14 to talk to the new server. basically, 24.14 talks to the new server through an interface which 24.14 thinks is the old server
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