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Default GPU72 Notebook Integration...

As some of you might know, several of us have been having great fun over in the Google Colaboratory Notebook? thread -- learning about Notebook instances...

Since the GPU72 integration is just a small "proof-of-concept" part of the bigger picture, I wanted to fork out further discussions specific to GPU72 here.

An update:

1. Everyone is now running version 0.32 of the Bootstrap payload.

1.1. This fixes a SPE with the regular expression (regex) which was (very rarely) extracting the GHzD/D and IntrT values incorrectly. (Always remember: regex patterns are "greedy"!)

2. I have reduced the recycling period from twelve (12) to three (3) hours.

2.1. So long as no-one sees anything odd, I should be able to bring this down to perhaps as low as 30 minutes.

2.2. The temporal delta value is calculated from Last Updated or Assigned, whichever is youngest.

3. I /might/ have an odd race condition going on in the TF'ing instances. I have seen extremely rare cases on some of my own machines where an assignment is given, but then not reported on. Further drill-down shows it doesn't appear in the worktodo files either.

3.1. The system will automatically recover from this if and whenever it happens, but I don't like things happening which I don't understand. It means I've made a mistake somewhere...

As always, observations welcomed...
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