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Thanks for your offer to help. But we don't want to finish the 6th drive before we sieve the big file- that would leave us with no megabit tests to offer people (well, lower-1M range, ignoring k=15/17). That's why we dedicate 1 or 2 cores each to the sieve; the hope is it would be ready before we run out of the other drives.
We have tried to create and manage the drives so there is a selection of exponent ranges to test at any time. Ideally, we can release 1.0-1.1M from this sieve before the 6th drive reaches 1.4M. Think of the drives as ways to get people like unconnected to stop by and help out- we want them to have as much choice as possible.

Perhaps once the 6th drive is near 1.3M, we can convince you to mix in sieving with finishing the drive.
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