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That depends entirely on how many people help with the sieve. If you wish to add a core to our sieve effort, I imagine we'd be far enough to begin 1.0M-1.1M work sometime this summer. We won't be at the optimal sieve depth, but the optimal depth is truly massive for a sieve this large. If you want to participate in testing these, it would be fair to help with the sieve.

A 1T range for this sieve takes about 3 weeks on a Core2-2.0. I think Kosmaj/Cruelty are in the 20-25T range right now with the sieve; I've only done 4T of the sieving to help out, because I plan to reserve a couple of these k's when they're ready. I'm trying to do 10-15% of the sieving, because I plan to test 5 to 7 of the k's including the couple already reserved to me (201,443, I think one other).

50T is not deep enough to get testing started, so at the current rate we will not be ready to go in 6 months.
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