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Originally Posted by m_f_h View Post

I started crunching there, and noticed a possible bug in the crus:4 server's scripts : the "time" seems to be cumulated. (1st k/n pair done in 12000 sec; 2nd pair took 24000 sec)
Also, the web page's title of
mentions the arithmetic mean of 4 and 6 ("base 5 project") - I have a slight doubt whether this is intended ;)
In the results files on the server side, the timings shown are how long it took between the time the k/n pair was assigned to your client, and the time that your client returned the results. The actual timings are shown in the lresults.txt produced by your client.

As for the "base 5 project" thing in the title--whoops, looks like IronBits must have missed that when he fixed that same error in the main part of the page a while back. I'll send him an email when I get around to it (since it's not crucially important).

apart from that: nice job, running all these servers! makes it really easy for a newbie to run his client within one minute of setup (including the download of the llrnet package, if necessary).
Maybe you should put a "getting started" howto on the cited homepage ("1. get LLRnet from ..., 2. unpack in a dedicated dir, 3. put this and that in clientconfig, 4. double-click llrnet")
- or, instead of step (3), I'd suggest to provide a setup-script to double-click which patches the client_server.lua if needed (fixing the "?% complete" bug), changes the clientconfig server/port settings, asks for the username to put there, and finally starts the llrnet client.
Some instructions along those lines are available in the "Automated primality testing with LLRnet" sticky thread in this forum. The instructions are still set up for our old servers, which were hosted by Carlos (em99010pepe), but that makes for only a few minor differences between the instructions and our current setup. (I really have to get those instructions updated sometime soon. )
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