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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post port 4 online, plug away when ready
I set it up so that there will be a 14 day return check, per Anon's request.

I started crunching there, and noticed a possible bug in the crus:4 server's scripts : the "time" seems to be cumulated. (1st k/n pair done in 12000 sec; 2nd pair took 24000 sec)
Also, the web page's title of
mentions the arithmetic mean of 4 and 6 ("base 5 project") - I have a slight doubt whether this is intended ;)

apart from that: nice job, running all these servers! makes it really easy for a newbie to run his client within one minute of setup (including the download of the llrnet package, if necessary).
Maybe you should put a "getting started" howto on the cited homepage ("1. get LLRnet from ..., 2. unpack in a dedicated dir, 3. put this and that in clientconfig, 4. double-click llrnet")
- or, instead of step (3), I'd suggest to provide a setup-script to double-click which patches the client_server.lua if needed (fixing the "?% complete" bug), changes the clientconfig server/port settings, asks for the username to put there, and finally starts the llrnet client.

anyway, hats off for what's already running!
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