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David and Anon,

This sounds good to me. David, the exponent on these k/n pairs is huge, in excess of n=1.9M base 2, so the testing time on each pair is 2-3 hours. Because of this, please be aware that this server may get no activity for days or even weeks at a time. Don't be too alarmed about that. We may set up some servers like this here and there that will be dormant for long periods and then have a large spurt of activity for a while.

Anon, can you create a new thread that shows all of the current servers and their current test limits for CRUS like the one Karsten created for NPLB? I want people who already know how to run servers to have a "one stop place" where they can go and quickly know what server info. to enter into llr-clientconfig.txt and what n-range they would be testing.

To anyone interested in manual reservations for these huge tests, we can work with you. Anon and David, if someone desires a manual reservation, we can decide at that time what range to give them out of the LLRnet server. If it's before any LLRnet work has been done, it'd be easiest to give the lowest k/n pairs. After that, it will be a little trickier; perhaps the highest k/n pairs. It'd be messy to end up with 'holes' in the LLRnet k/n pairs.

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