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Default How do I display status on startup with Ubuntu

Preamble (go ahead and skip this paragraph): I used to run Prime95 back in the legacy v4.0 days. I stopped when I finally retired my last Windows machine after switching to OS X. (The initial reason I was interested in OS X is because is was built on Unix which I was originally introduced to in college in the early 80s.) Recently I saw that Prime95 was updated to run under OS X so I installed it on two Core 2 Duo iMacs (my rank is currently 1190). I had a quad-core AMD machine that I built but ended up not using gathering dust in the corner of my office. I decided to use it for GIMPS so I installed Ubuntu 10.10 and mprime. I went to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications and set up the machine to automatically run mprime -d on startup. I can see under System Monitor that it's working.

Here's the question: Instead of having mprime start and run without a window when I start Ubuntu, I'd like to have it open a terminal window and display mprime's status to stdout. I'm not sure how to do this and would appreciate some guidance.
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