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Originally Posted by Kosmaj
So I'm now using 4.3. I noticed that the only difference between 4.3 and 4.5 is the size of magic_constant. Maybe 10^5 (now) is not the best value for my test case? Can you change the program so that the constant can be set from the command line. But you will also have to tell us how to use it.
Probably I'll change it, the default magic_constant=400000 will be again, but it will be possible to give 3 or 4 input parameters!
./octo 152 1 2000000000000
for this the program will use magic_constant=400000
but for:
./octo 152 1 2000000000000 x
it will use magic_constant=100000 ( to use one more prime in the sieve reduction step if it is possible ).
You don't have to type the value of x, just type x. But this is only a suggestion from me. Probably we can use 10^5 as default.
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