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Welcome to the fry.
You are on track, don't worry about the numbers you see on screen.
As I remember, they can be disabled, yes, but it is a bit tricky. Please have a look in yafu readme file.
Yafu uses different algorithms to factor numbers, according with the number size. It starts "small", with trial factoring and Pollard algorithms, and if your number "survives", it moves "higher", to ecm, siqs, (s/g)nfs. For "higher" part, it used third party tools, external or incorporated inside, and messages you see may come from these "external" tools (in case, poly select, msieve).
The reason you don't see them for a 256-bit number (about 70 something digits) is the fact that this number is always factored by ecm or siqs, it never reaches nfs stage. The situation changes for composites over (about) 106 digits.

Run a "tune" to your system to see where exactly is the cutting point (it is system-dependent).

Sys-programmer here too, btw.
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