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Default hi there, and a question


I recently found this site with a lot of old-school enthusiasts. Glad to great you all!

My primary goal was to factor a 512-bit number, but during the process I revealed a whole and interesting mathematical universe :) With different small programs that like optimization, authors that publish their findings and knowledge, constantly improved algorithms etc. Probably a portion of my enthusiasm will spill on the tools too. I'm a system programmer on Windows and used to program in x64 bit asm with all modern extensions.

So, yafu worked well on a 256-bit key. With a 384-bit key it starts to food with numbers like :

4752 13239466028743 882405501769571690163767
4524 20577102057791 893319195611906354590837
save 7.244624e-014 -4.8911 4724113.50 9.246223e-009 rroots 2
9522397161563954881537604020 8087755128263 920091041457194254691175
7788 6938120111755 9516 35989004298241 741777587812416893280037

What could it be ? Can it be suppressed, I think the output slows down the calculation. "silent" option in .ini doesn't help
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