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Originally Posted by Brucifer View Post
Hey gents, thank you for the kind thoughts very much. :-)

I'm sorry that I haven't been around much as there has been some other stuff going on in my world that has shoved a lot of the distributed computing stuff more to the background than I would like but that's the way the ball bounces some times.

This whole effort is a lot of work on a lot of fronts by a lot of people. The stats thing though I have to say that Max and AMDave have really been putting in a TON of midnight oil. So congrats to you all. :-)
Howdy--nice to have you back! If you're by chance ready to lend a hand again, our current priority is Drive #5, which we hope to finish by year's end--we have an LLRnet and PRPnet server available for it. Also, we've resumed the 12th Drive for n=250K-350K on LLRnet port 7000, if you'd prefer that.

(Of course, if you're still largely busy with other things, no problem--I definitely understand, being rather busy with non-prime-related things myself lately. )
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