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Originally Posted by AMDave View Post
To contradict myself "patch development and repair in progress etf 24 hrs "
The patch fix is the easy bit, but the repair (data fix) requires due care.
I anticipate this patch and repair will be completed this coming weekend.
Not to bug you, but I'd just like to verify: is this complete now?

Meanwhile, to all: The 12th Drive manual results have been imported (except for the k=2400-2600 range, which is already half in the DB, but will need some tricky import procedures to finish off due to the weirdness with that range--that will be later). Another one down!

More than half of this drive was done entirely manually by Bruce, so this represents a big boost in stats for him. Bruce, I know you haven't shown up on the forum for a while now, but if you see this, just wanted to let you know that we finally got your results imported!
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