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Two weaknesses of using that file: 1) you won't find entries in progress, 2) you won't find entries that legitimately entered the database in 2020 but by the end of the year left the list.
...but they were found in 2020, so they belong on the list.

It is (fairly) easy though.
You use the search page, use "all" option, and use age: max=366, and search limit "500". And finally, the search pattern: ^[[:digit:]]{1,}*2^[[:digit:]]{1,}-1$
And then you lightly edit, if necessary.

(For example next year, if you use "366" days, you might miss a very early 1/1/2020 entry, but if you use "367" you will catch that "between years" Ryan's submission, again. 2020 is leap, so 366 will becomes 367 )
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