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Originally Posted by fivemack View Post
This is really daft; Intel's previous naming scheme, with the last two digits being basically 'awesomeness within the generation' and the version number telling you which generation you were in, made a lot of sense - at any time you probably did want an E5-2650 of the current generation.

It might be inevitable if 'v6' is going to mean Kaby Lake on the desktop, because it's not clear 'Kaby Lake' is a meaningful thing in a server context; it's not at all obvious to me what the next multi-core-server after Skylake will be.

Also, the new numbering scheme for 'gold' overlaps with the original eight-core Magny Cours Opteron numbering.
I could care less what Intel calls them... when I spec out a server I'm still going to pick the CPUs that match my needs. Generally 2-socket models for me (the E5-26xx series). Of course I try to get as many cores as my budget allows because I'm planning for future growth.

Truth be told I often stick to the HPE Proliant "smart buys" because they have the best price. But you can still get good high performance models that way.

It's been ages since I worked at a place where 4+ socket servers were an option. With the multi-core CPUs available, I've been able to "suffer" with a measly two chips. LOL

I did like the obvious schema of the 1600/2600/etc. naming, but ultimately it doesn't really matter.
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