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I have released both x86-64 and OpenCL versions of an alternating factorial sieve, achieve and afsievecl. The OpenCL version is about 10x faster than the x86-64 version on the laptop which I've tested it on.

Alternating Factorials are defined as the sum of consecutive factorials with alternating signs.

The file that is output is used as input to a pfgw script, which is included and is called alternate.txt. Before using that script you need to delete the ABC line from the file. Note this is not a valid ABC format for pfgw. It is only used by the sieving code to stop and restart sieving.

FYI, per this link I am searching to n=100,000 so this is for anyone wanting to search beyond that.

Both versions along with source and 64-bit Windows builds can be found on my website. Although I did not create a makefile, these program should compile and link on OS X and Linux, hopefully out of the box, but if not, with small changes.
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