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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Question 1: It seems I have no swapfile (makes sense as there is no hard disk, only an NFS mount). So why does VIRT (virtual memory?) show 6.8GB and RES (resident memory?) show 6GB.
In my understanding, VIRT in "top" for a process indicates "virtual" memory that is not mapped to physical memory. That would happen for example after a malloc() but before writing anything to the malloc'ed range. And RES is memory mapped to physical pages. Thus, VIRT is limited by the virtual address range (huge), not by the physical memory or swap.

OTOH it's a good idea to have a swap set up, in order for it to collect the "dead" regions of allocated memory (freeing the physical memory from junk). Creating the swap does not require a swap *partition*, can be done in a file using "mkswap" and "swapon".
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