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Thank you very much RichD.
I will add bases 59 and 60 in the next update which will be in the next week or two.

What's new with regards to this project ?

The more new bases we have < 100 the better.
I'm actually thinking about a new way of analyzing the data that might be able to reveal a more complex law than the ones I've been looking for so far.
I don't know yet if my new idea will be successful, but I'm thinking of trying this new analysis around Christmas or during next spring.
I still have to think hard before I do it.
But this analysis can only be done on consecutive bases at first.
For now, we have all the bases exhaustively up to base 60.
In the future, I don't know yet if I will be able to extend the analysis up to base 1000, because we don't have all the bases < 1000 at all, there are holes.

But this new idea should not prevent us from continuing to make the calculations for the larger bases that will not be used directly in this new phase of the work !
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