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I am going to ask you to leave the CRUS forum. You have stirred up enough trouble. You have a history of stirring up trouble in projects in the past. I let this one slide for a little while to see how it played out. You do not seem to know when to stop and keep beating a dead horse. Enough is enough.

Reb is doing a great job with the SRBase project. He has offered to report all future primes to a general account. It is not your place to call him out and offer up your version of rules. You have no authority over anyone. He is a single person running a big project that finds 10s of primes in a year. PrimeGrid has many volunteers and finds 100s and 1000s of primes in a year. There is no comparison between the two.

I will delete any future posts by you and if it continues will delete all of your posts here and possibly the entire thread. Please leave. You are not welcome here.

Reb, you report primes as you see fit. I see no reason to report them to a general account.


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