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[QUOTE=LaurV;366114]I think our last discussion about this path was ([URL=""]see here[/URL]):[/quote](Correct link is [url][/url])

Right. Thanks. :-)

[QUOTE=WMHalsdorf;366132]Not surprised by Ba6, they probably plan on bxc as their next move not realizing that out intent is not the queen's side but exploiting f6 with Ne4.[/QUOTE]Let's always be careful about underestimating our opponent.

[QUOTE=LaurV;366114]This may be our win... Any other reply beside of the castling seemed to be worse for them. And with castling, we get the h6 pawn, as discussed. We only need to analyze if they can't do bad things on the queen's flank (b4xc3, etc??? any chance?)[/QUOTE]Exactly.

[b]20 Ne4[/b]

[b]20 ... bxc3 21 bxc3[/b]

Now, suppose [b]21 ... Rb3[/b].

[b]22 Nf6+[/b] Bxf6 23 exf6 Nd5 doesn't get us the h-pawn in this position.

[b]22 Nd6+[/b]
If 22 ... Kd8 23 Nxf7+ winning the Exchange and pawn.
If 22 ... Kd7 23 Rxf7 (threatening 24 Bxc6+ Kxc6 25 Rxe7) ... Bf8 (or 23 ... Rb6 24 Rxg7) 24 Bxh6 Rxh6 25 Rxf8 and we're a pawn up but need to activate our QR and N/d1.
If 22 ... Kf8 23 Rxf7+ Kg8 24 Bh3 Bc8 25 Rxg7+ Kxg7 26 Nxc8 Nxc8 27 Bxe6 Nb6 28 Bd2 Re8 (else 29 Ne3) 29 Bg4 we'd have a piece and two passed pawns (plus designs on another) for a rook.

(Suppose Black makes a different move 21.
[b]21 ... ??? [/b])

What if we check on d6 before retaking on c3?
[b]20 ... bxc3 21 Nd6+[/b]
Black's responses are the same as above, [i]but[/i] if we don't check or take on c3 on move 22, Black has 22 ... cxb2 or 22 ... c2

(To be continued ... I have to stop now)
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