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Continuing the analysis I left off in a hurry:

I'm fairly sure we're going to win a(t least a) pawn by force!

[B]19 Nd2[/B]

If [B]19 ... Ba6 20 Ne4 O-O 21 Nc5 Ra8[/B][/QUOTE]Black may be able to defend all pawns in this line.

[B]22 Bd2 Nd5 23 Ne3 Nxe3[/B] (not 23 ... Nb6 24 Bxc6) [B]24 Bxe3 Rfc8 25 Rf2[/B] (now working on f7) [B]Ra7 26 Raf1 R8c7 27 Ne4[/B] threatening Nd6, Bxc6 and Rxf7.
Here Black can attempt a b-file invasion with [B]27 ... bxc3[/B] 28 bxc3 Rab7. We can force a retreat with 29 Nc5 Rba7 but now we don't have the N on d6 to menace f7. 30 Bxc6 Rxc6 31 Nxa6 Rcxa6 leaves us no closer to winning on f7.
If [B]27 ... Bf8[/B] 28 Nd6 Bxd6 29 exd6 Rc8 (not 29 ... Rd7 30 Bxc6) 30 Bxh6 (remember him?) we're temporarily a pawn up, but Black can now contend on the b-file and we've expended both of our wonderful knights.

[quote][B](21 ... Bc8 22 Rf2 Nd5 23 Bf1 Nb6[/B][/quote]24 Bd2 and 25 Ne3 seem to win the c-pawn.

- - -

All in all, it looks like we don't have an absolutely guaranteed pawn-win, but we can continue to make Black uncomfortable while maneuvering to find an additional edge, and Black has several ways to go wrong.

- - -

[B]19 Nd2[/B] is my choice, too. We may as well post it now.

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