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Originally Posted by birtwistlecaleb View Post
The dll files asked to download in "100MDPP and Operation Billion Digits.pdf" takes me to a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. (From How do i get the dlls?
If you had started with a link or at least naming the thread where you found the document it would have been easier to answer.
The thread DC Project Guides hasn't been changed since 2006, it is closed.
The post where you found the cited document DC Project Guides and the document itself date from 2005. No wonder some links are dead.

You are looking for a million digit factoring program ? There are a few current threads where you will find them. You could look in Kriesel blogs if you don't want to search in the Factoring or Primenet Threads.

I will do the work for you : there is this thread and post for instance : Kriesel blog sub-site map which provides a list of programs for different uses.

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