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Default How to interface gpuOwl with PrimeNet

Hi, I would like to automatize the process of getting assignments and submitting results to PrimeNet for gpuOwl; so I ask for advice about what is the recommended, and what is the simplest, way to achieve that.

Right now, I use this manual workflow:
- get manual testing assignments using the web page.
- write them to worktodo.txt
- after a time, get results from results.txt and submit them on the manual testing results form.

But this manual process becomes cumbersome, and it's also inefficient from PrimeNet's POV due to the "ahead log" of assignments that I get in a batch.

I took a quick look at

Is this the recommended and simplest way?

For example, for "uc" (update computer info), the API requires all(?) of these:
g - program's self-assigned permanent ID (guid)
hg - machine's hardware hash ID (guid)
wg - machine's Windows hardware hash ID (guid)

Well, on Linux, with a GPU being the "CPU", it's not clear what the "machine's Windows hardware hash ID" would be.

Is there a simpler way?
Is there a simple working example I could use as a starting point?
Is there same documentation about JSON intake in the API?

What about simulating access to the existing "manual assigment" web page ("scraping") -- is that a simpler approach?
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