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Originally Posted by bdodson View Post
Nice suggestion! The F22 factor is p35? Also GIMPS ecm, as above? -Bruce

(no google hits for the factor, not even the forum post.)

     1 Buckle                  15540.872     7626         2 |                        
     2 James Hintz              2529.371     2881         0 |                        
     3 eteo                     2259.553       67         0 |                        
     4 Tapio Rajala             2125.422      770         1 |   1
is the GIMPS listing for ECM on Fermat numbers. I also got what
appeared to be a law firm listing in .au, for what it's worth.

The law firm is Page Seager and another David Bessell works there. Coincidentally PS is situated about 200 metres down the road from St Michael's Collegiate where I work.
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