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Default Importance of dual channel memory for dual core processors

I just swapped memory between my two Core 2 Duo processors:
E6600 (2400 MHz) dual channel    896K fft 23.5 ms
E6600 (2400 MHz) single channel  896K fft 32.6 ms
E6600 (2400 MHz) dual channel   1024K fft 26.0 ms
E6600 (2400 MHz) single channel 1024K fft 36.6 ms
E6300 (1860 MHz) dual channel    896K fft 29 ms
E6300 (1860 MHz) single channel  896K fft 35 ms
Earlier it has often been true that the effect of faster memory on Prime95 was marginal. But here it would be worth the money to buy a second memory stick to the computer running only single channel.

(The fast computer is running one 896K FFT double-check parallel to a 1024K FFT double-check. The slow one is running two 896K FFT double-checks.)

Specs: E6600 on ASUS P5W DH Deluxe. E6300 on ASUS P5LD2 SE, Rev. C. All memory 667 MHz Kingston KVR DDR2 non-ECC. All default, no overclock.

If you own a dual core computer and have similar comparisons, please post!
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