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Originally Posted by yeah View Post
hi folks... i am quite new to linux and run ubuntu 10.04 as a 64 version. I don't honestly know how to install the tar file and get it running. I couldn't find mersenne in the ubuntu software center (which might be a good idea) to get it installed automatically.
would anybody please be so kind as to extend me the correct syntax i have to enter to get it installed and running? thanks
The general approach is to use a terminal window and use the "tar" command. The command will be something like

tar xvf stuff.tar

If the tar file is also compressed you need to uncompress it too. The most common forms of compression are gzip and bzip2. The former will generally be indicated by the tar file having either a tgz or a .gz suffix. The command in these cases is:

tar zxvf stuff.tgz


tar zxvf stuff.tar.gz

If it is compressed with bzip2, use a command

tar jxvf stuff.tar.bz2

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