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Originally Posted by Citrix
Where can one find all the unfactored numbers left? Can we use GMP-ECM on these numbers?
Numbers in the ECM Server can be found through this question in the FAQ . The extent of ECM work completed on them can tracked through the Progress Page. These numbers are already being factored by GMP-ECM.

There are over eighty other composites that are at present being facrored only by the Special Project. The identity of these numbers can be seen on Special Project Planner Page. The largest of these factors are more efficiently tested with Prime95, and the smaller factors are tested as freebies with the larger ones. So these factors could be tested with GMP-ECM, but it makes more sense to continue using Prime95 for a while.

At the present time the active work is focused on GMP-ECM for those numbers with sufficient work that any new factor is likely to qualify for the Top Ten Page. We've continued longer than expected on this project because a temporary boost in computing power has enabled us to keep many numbers in the feasible range longer than expected. That temporary boost will disappear around the end of February. When that happens, I expect to return to fuller ECM search and to launch a new phase of the Special Project.

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