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Originally posted by wblipp
There is an ElevenSmooth Web Site. It includes a page for all Factors Found by ElevenSmooth.

I think of the Factors Page as the status, but there are other measures, too. The smallest composite, the C149 from M(1575), has had about 2% of the curves for 50 digit factors (B1=43M). The other five composiites under 200 digits have finished 55% of the search for 40 digit factors (B1=3M). The Special Project is about half way through the search for 25 digit factors (B1=50K). The Special Project has found 13 factors at this level. The most recently discovered factor was about an hour ago from the ECM Server, but I won't get around to a proper announcement until tomorrow.

The web site is the class project for a class on "Introduction to Web Design." In a few weeks I will make a presentation to the class. I'm planning to make it a pitch to get them involved in the project, and I'm preparing that presentation as a set of web pages. Soon I'll be asking everyone here for comments on the presentation.

Is there anything else you'd like to know?
I personally would like to see that 11smooth would have statuspage on their website. For example, one where you could see what percentage of certain number have been completed.
There is available some info regarding mandelbrot-server , but it has not been updated since WWII

Just my 2 satangs,

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