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Originally posted by Citrix
Is there a status page to this project or what is the current status?
There is an ElevenSmooth Web Site. It includes a page for all Factors Found by ElevenSmooth.

I think of the Factors Page as the status, but there are other measures, too. The smallest composite, the C149 from M(1575), has had about 2% of the curves for 50 digit factors (B1=43M). The other five composiites under 200 digits have finished 55% of the search for 40 digit factors (B1=3M). The Special Project is about half way through the search for 25 digit factors (B1=50K). The Special Project has found 13 factors at this level. The most recently discovered factor was about an hour ago from the ECM Server, but I won't get around to a proper announcement until tomorrow.

The web site is the class project for a class on "Introduction to Web Design." In a few weeks I will make a presentation to the class. I'm planning to make it a pitch to get them involved in the project, and I'm preparing that presentation as a set of web pages. Soon I'll be asking everyone here for comments on the presentation.

Is there anything else you'd like to know?
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