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Haven't tested on the work types that involve stage two, but for those that involve output of res64 to screen, producing frequent screen updates including res64 CAUSES a slowdown.

This new thread was unnecessary/inappropriate. Use of the existing prime95 v30.3 thread would have been better. Note that with enough persistence ignoring moderators' guidance to use existing threads, users do get warned or temporarily banned. Don't go there. I believe you've (birtwistlecaleb) already attracted their attention as a problem user.

Consider upgrading to v30.6, after backup of the interim run files, as insurance against a restart from beginning of stage 2.

Task Manager is good for showing what processes are using how much of CPU, ram, disk, etc. Sort on the column of your choice. If a system backup or full virus scan or windows update or whatever launched, it will use resources, and prime95 / mprime will use less so run less quickly. There are also certain anomalous system behaviors that can produce the effect; loss of communication with a GPU, I've seen absorb a CPU real core for minutes to hours on occasion. Running a video-intensive game would surely impact prime95 throughput.

There are many ways to determine on Windows how much ram is installed. Do your due diligence, in the first post of a problem. Too many times of not doing so, may get you ignored or added to some forum participants' ignore lists to automate the ignore.
What did you buy?
Task Manager
In Win10, Settings, System, About
In Win 7, Control Panel, System and Security, System
Numerous third party utilities; CPU-Z, (GPU-Z will show system memory in use), HWInfo, ...
Read and understand the output. Don't just skim right past the answer and claim it's not provided.

In general, read, understand, and follow, especially the paragraph beginning "Make an effort" and the paragraph following.

Don't expect to get an answer giftwrapped/spoonfed.

Don't tell us a utility doesn't provide information we know it does.
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