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Originally Posted by birtwistlecaleb View Post
When i communicate end dates with the server, i also get assigned an LL double check because i don't have enough memory. Can i stop this? It could get annoying unreserving the assignments.
You can set your preference for the type or work either in Prime95 (Windows), mprime (Linux), or on the website
The default is "what makes sense". What have you set that to? What do you want?

What hardware do you have - in particular how much memory? Generally speaking, not much RAM is needed for most tasks, although there are some tasks which benefit from a lot of RAM.

What makes you believe you are getting double-checks because you don't have much memory? I suspect that the default "what makes sense" will often include double-checks. They are significantly faster to do than first time prime tests. I'm doing a double-check of M57906071 now, which will take around 14 hours, which is around a quarter of the time to do a first time prime test, for which exponents are currently around 104 million.

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