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The top 12th number in the MWRB file has an OPN weight of 2.5M (2465207). It is ready for SNFS. With an SNFS difficulty of 281.5 it seems to be within reach using the 15e queue.

I have little to no experience at this level. What are the best parameters if it could be sieved using 15e?

n: 605716904027877980774625455520189647387776352555063757365644672493136637525085152114527251672682055452329862008130550673203343550128250999766605061023948523297828457779191592093682881010498969046911261346842026672855745883554109771998292748069377018429964450347583969787
# 732541^47-1, difficulty: 281.51, skewness: 9.49, alpha: 0.00
# cost: 8.45884e+19, est. time: 40280.21 GHz days (not accurate yet!)
skew: 9.494
c6: 1
c0: -732541
Y1: -1
Y0: 82919274927962023982932249248351337261442889121
m: 82919274927962023982932249248351337261442889121
type: snfs
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