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Originally Posted by Templus
I found a prime for 21380*5^50625+1 , which is equal to 4276*5^50626+1. But this doesn't mean that k=4276 doesn't have a prime for n less than 50626, so that's one thing that has to be checked!
Nice one!

It doesn't matter for the project whether or not k=4276 could have been eliminated by a smaller n than n=50626, any prime will do. The only problems are for k such as k=123910=5*24782. 24782 has already been eliminated because 24782*5^1+1 is prime, but this doesn't rule out the possibility that 123910*5^n+1 = 24782*5^(n+1)+1 is composite for all n. This means we have to leave k=123910 in the list.

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